The forest is definitely the sanctuary of parrots but if ever you have parrots as pets, at least you could make their cage a castle for them. How it’s done? Simply choose the right parrot cages. To help you, below are some of the few things to consider.


Parrots are playful so they need enough space to fly, climb and stretch their wings. Flying for birds is not only physically enhancing, but it could also make them psychologically healthy. To provide your parrots with the pleasure they need, go for large parrot cages like an aviary. This type of cage comes in different sizes. The bigger the cage, the better it is for your feathered friends. If you have enough space at home, go for one where your parrots could glide several feet.


This has to be done regularly, so make sure that prior to purchasing a cage, you already considered the cleaning routine. Choose a cage which is easy to clean and maintain. The cage should be designed for easy-cleaning even on hard to reach areas. For smaller cages, its ideal to have disposable liners or pullout trays so cleaning is a snap.

Panel Material

When it comes to the panel of the cage, owners are presented with various options like wire, acrylic or glass. The decision greatly depends on your preference. However, you’ll see most cages with wire panel. If ever your parrots are more aggressive and playful, you might find it appropriate to use a more durable material like acrylic panels. The advantage with going for wired panels is that it provides better ventilation and parrots love climbing on these. Pair this with the right bird toys and surely your parrots would always have a great time. For urban homes, a glass panel is more classy and suites their home’s exterior design.


Most families visit pet shops and plan to have parrots at home due to the interest of their kids. With this, why not let your kids design the cage of these new pets. There are now a lot of cage manufacturers that offers customized and decorative bird cages. This will not only be entertaining for your kids, but they also would have a deeper sense of appreciation on their pets for they designed the cage themselves.

To have better knowledge on the right parrot cages to choose, better ask the experts. Prior to purchasing a cage, let them know the breed of parrots you have so they could give suggestions on the right type of cage. As much as possible, invest in the best parrot cages for sale so your parrots would also be happy and healthy under your care.